Why insider trading matters?

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CPG Cooper Square International Equity, LLC (XCSIX)

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2020-11-02 Pickering Matthew Portfolio Manager Buy 75,000 $20.00 $1,500,000 No
2020-11-02 Clark Chad Portfolio Manager Buy 630,000 $20.00 $12,600,000 No
2020-11-02 Lewallen Loren Proxy Voting Committee Member Buy 20,000 $20.00 $400,000 No
2020-11-02 MASCIS MICHAEL Principal Accounting Officer* Buy 2,500 $20.00 $50,000 No
2020-11-02 TANZMAN MITCHELL A Principal Executive Officer* Buy 7,500 $20.00 $150,000 No
2020-09-29 Central Park Advisers, LLC Investment Adviser Buy 5,833 $17.14 $100,000 No

Insider Smart

ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES (RCL) - Thompson Donald, Director of RCL feels safe and made a move. The only insiders bought RCL post crash.

Insider Smart

SIMON PROPERTY GROUP (SPG) - Bottom fishing the crash could be intimidating, but it can be easier if you know insiders are on your side. Aeppel Glyn, Director of SPG played safe and bought shares in May at $50, but it is not late at all, the stock is now $90.