Why insider trading matters?

When insiders buy shares on the open market, this can thus be regarded as a strong endorsement by those that know the company the best -- they are literally betting their own money on the company's future. Insider selling, however, is not necessarily meaningful in any way, as there is a range of reasons for insiders to liquidate (some) of the shares they own.

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Sector: Healthcare; Industry: Diagnostics & Research

VolitionRx Limited, a multi-national epigenetics company, engages in the development of blood tests to help diagnose a range of cancers and other diseases worldwide.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2016-10-05 KRATOCHVIL DAVID MATTHEW Chief Financial Officer Buy 10,000 $5.00 $50,000 No
2016-05-20 Reynolds Cameron John President and CEO Sell 3,390 $3.54 $12,001 Yes
2015-05-15 Reynolds Cameron John President and CEO Buy 1,500 $3.33 $4,989 No
2015-02-11 Innes Guy Archibald Director Buy 50,000 $3.75 $187,500 No
2014-09-24 Colman Alan Director Buy 3,182 $7000.00 $22,274,000 No
2014-09-24 Innes Guy Archibald Director Buy 8,522 $18748.40 $159,773,865 No
2014-09-15 Faulkes Martin Charles Director Buy 5,000 $2.16 $10,800 No
2014-09-03 Rootsaert Rodney Gerard Secretary Sell 28,000 $1.80 $50,400 No
2014-03-10 Innes Guy Archibald Director Buy 42,456 $42294.43 $1,795,652,303 Yes
2013-12-02 Innes Guy Archibald Director Buy 137,124 $261814.32 $35,901,027,176 Yes
2013-11-14 Innes Guy Archibald Director Buy 63,169 $104566.86 $6,605,383,703 No
2005-09-30 THACHUK E DEL CEO and President Buy 100,000 $0.05 $5,000 No
2005-09-30 THACHUK MARY ANNE Secretary Treasurer Buy 20,000 $0.05 $1,000 No
2005-09-30 Brooke Brian Gordon Chief Financial Officer Buy 50,000 $0.05 $2,500 No

Insider Smart

Carvana Co (CVNA) - One of the best timed insider buying in the crash is from GARCIA ERNEST C. II 10%-owner of CVNA. Bought at 45 and now with a 100%+ profit.

Insider Smart

SYSCO CORP (SYY) - PELTZ NELSON and Frank Joshua D are insiders of SYSCO CORP, check their transactions to see how they sell high and buy low. Would that be more persuasive than just buy or sell?