Why insider trading matters?

If management teams do not own any relevant stakes in the companies they guide, they may not be focused on creating wealth for shareholders to the same degree, compared to those that see their personal wealth increase when share prices rise.

- Klaus Gugler, Economist
Vigil Neuroscience, Inc. (VIGL)

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2022-01-11 Thorp Clay Director Buy 265,000 $14.00 $3,710,000 Yes
2022-01-11 Vida Ventures GP III, L.L.C. 10%-Owner Buy 1,675,000 $14.00 $23,450,000 Yes
2022-01-11 Atlas Venture Fund XII, L.P. 10%-Owner Buy 535,000 $14.00 $7,490,000 Yes
2022-01-11 Booth Bruce Director Buy 535,000 $14.00 $7,490,000 Yes
2022-01-11 Vitorovic Stefan Director Buy 1,675,000 $14.00 $23,450,000 Yes
2022-01-11 Northpond Ventures GP, LLC 10%-Owner Buy 355,000 $14.00 $4,970,000 Yes

Insider Smart

CARNIVAL CORP (CCL) - Cruislines $CCL $NCLH $RCL took a huge beat due to the pandemic, concerns of bankruptcy were raised. Among the three dominating companies in the industry, $CCL is the first one bought by insiders, such a bold move would definitely boost investor confidence.

Insider Smart

Enphase Energy, Inc (ENPH) - Watch for CEO Kothandaraman Badrinarayanan and CFO Branderiz Eric, their trading have a good pattern you can't miss, very well timed buy low and sell high.