Why insider trading matters?

Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise.

- Peter Lynch
Unity Software Inc. (U)

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2020-11-16 RICCITIELLO JOHN S. President and CEO Sell 1,899,317 $46.13 $87,616,844 Yes
2020-11-16 Keene Ruth Ann SVP, CLO & GC & Corp Sec'y Sell 40,968 $109.00 $4,465,512 Yes
2020-11-17 Bibby Brett SVP & Chief Product Officer Sell 131,700 $112.24 $14,782,129 Yes
2020-11-17 Rhodes Dave SVP & GM Create Solution Sell 58,468 $108.87 $6,365,153 Yes
2020-11-16 Hauwert Ralph SVP, Research & Development Sell 18,000 $109.00 $1,962,000 Yes
2020-11-16 Jabal Kim SVP and CFO Sell 40,511 $106.94 $4,332,303 Yes
2020-11-17 Lestiyo Ingrid SVP & GM, Operate Solutions Sell 23,270 $113.58 $2,642,970 Yes
2020-11-16 Downie Clive SVP & Chief Marketing Officer Sell 169,874 $109.01 $18,517,561 Yes

Insider Smart

VBI Vaccines Inc (VBIV) - Since 10%-owner Perceptive Advisor LCC increased their holding in April, the stock have double the price. Impressive!

Insider Smart

PENN NATIONAL GAMING INC (PENN) - PENN took a deep dive from $36 to $5 due to the crash, anyone who was bold enough to pick up some shares in March or April could have made a 900% profit in 2 months. But bottom fishing is always easier said than done, if one took a safer bet and followed multiple insider buying around $18, a 100% profit is still impressive.