Why insider trading matters?

Numerous studies have examined whether there is evidence that U.S. insiders systematically trade on private information despite the legal deterrence. The consensus appears to be that insider purchases (but not sales) tend to be followed by positive abnormal stock price performance, particularly for small growth stocks.

- Prof. B. Espen Eckbo, Dartmouth College
Sector: Healthcare; Industry: Biotechnology

TCR2 Therapeutics Inc., a clinical-stage immunotherapy company, develops novel T cell receptor therapies for patients suffering from cancer. The company's lead product candidates include TC-210, mono TCR Fusion Construct T cells (TRuC-T cells) targeting mesothelin positive solid tumors, which initiated in phase I/II clinical trial for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), ovarian cancer, malignant pleural/peritoneal mesothelioma, and cholangiocarcinoma; and TC-110 a TRuC-T cell targeting CD19-positive B-Cell hematological malignancies. The company was formerly known as TCR2, Inc. and changed its name to TCR2 Therapeutics Inc. in November 2016.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2020-12-14 Somaiya Mayur Ian Chief Financial Officer Sell 2,000 $35.00 $70,000 Yes
2020-11-17 Somaiya Mayur Ian Chief Financial Officer Sell 3,666 $30.00 $109,980 Yes
2020-11-12 Hofmeister Robert Chief Scientific Officer Sell 20,000 $25.10 $502,000 Yes
2020-10-29 Hofmeister Robert Chief Science Officer Sell 20,000 $19.10 $382,000 Yes
2020-03-20 Gibson Neil W Director Sell 79,640 $6.59 $525,188 No
2019-12-23 Baeuerle Patrick Director Sell 116,929 $15.36 $1,796,418 No
2019-12-20 Jovan-Embiricos Morana 10%-Owner Sell 44,856 $16.51 $740,387 No
2019-12-11 Jovan-Embiricos Morana 10%-Owner Sell 204,562 $17.64 $3,609,170 No
2019-10-22 Jovan-Embiricos Morana 10%-Owner Sell 3,888 $15.16 $58,931 No
2019-09-23 Jovan-Embiricos Morana 10%-Owner Sell 416,321 $17.92 $7,459,819 No
2019-09-04 Jovan-Embiricos Morana 10%-Owner Sell 64,104 $17.11 $1,097,080 No
2019-02-19 UBS Oncology Impact Fund L.P. 10%-Owner Buy 666,667 $15.00 $10,000,005 Yes
2019-02-19 MPM SunStates Fund, L.P. 10%-Owner Buy 706,666 $15.00 $10,599,990 Yes
2019-02-19 MPM BioVentures 2014, L.P. 10%-Owner Buy 706,666 $15.00 $10,599,990 Yes
2019-02-19 Jovan-Embiricos Morana 10%-Owner, Director Buy 666,667 $15.00 $10,000,005 Yes
2019-02-19 Upnorth Investment Ltd 10%-Owner Buy 200,000 $15.00 $3,000,000 Yes
2019-02-19 GADICKE ANSBERT 10%-Owner, Director Buy 1,373,333 $15.00 $20,599,995 Yes

Insider Smart

Planet Fitness, Inc (PLNT) - Our position in PLNT is also inspired by insider trading, if insiders are comfortable and confident buying around $50, it is an easy hold if you can pick it up at an even lower price. Our avg cost of the position is ~$40 and is now with 50% profit.