Why insider trading matters?

If management teams do not own any relevant stakes in the companies they guide, they may not be focused on creating wealth for shareholders to the same degree, compared to those that see their personal wealth increase when share prices rise.

- Klaus Gugler, Economist
Square, Inc. (SQ)
Sector: Technology; Industry: Software—Infrastructure

Square, Inc. provides, together with its subsidiaries, payment and point-of-sale solutions in the United States and internationally. The company's commerce ecosystem includes point-of-sale software and hardware that offers sellers to payment and point-of-sale solutions. The company also offers various software products, including Square Point of Sale; Square Virtual Terminal; Square Appointments; Square for Retail; Square for Restaurants; Square Invoices, Square Online Store; Square Loyalty, Marketing, and Gift Cards; and Square Dashboard.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2016-08-05 Brougher Francoise Business Lead Sell 4,446 $11.03 $49,039 No
2016-08-05 Wagner Dana Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secretary Sell 50,000 $11.29 $564,500 Yes
2016-08-05 Summers Lawrence Henry Director Sell 115,625 $11.08 $1,281,125 Yes
2016-07-26 Henry Alyssa Seller Lead Sell 5,379 $9.77 $52,553 No
2016-07-26 Brougher Francoise Business Lead Sell 2,706 $9.77 $26,438 No
2016-07-26 Friar Sarah Chief Financial Officer Sell 2,690 $9.77 $26,281 No
2016-07-26 Wagner Dana Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secretary Sell 6,953 $9.77 $67,931 No
2016-06-16 Brougher Francoise Business Lead Sell 2,655 $8.65 $22,966 No
2016-06-16 Wagner Dana Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secretary Sell 2,655 $8.65 $22,966 No
2016-05-25 McKelvey James Morgan Jr. 10%-Owner, Director Sell 135,000 $9.80 $1,322,850 Yes
2016-05-18 Wagner Dana Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secretary Sell 200,000 $9.43 $1,885,750 Yes
2016-05-17 Dorsey Jack President, CEO & Chairman Sell 168,750 $9.12 $1,539,000 Yes
2015-11-24 Rizvi Traverse Management, LLC 10%-Owner Buy 750,000 $9.00 $6,750,000 Yes

Insider Smart

Camping World Holdings, Inc (CWH) - Another crash victim, Camping World Holdings, Inc took a deep dive from $16 to $4, several insiders bought around $6. With insiders on your side, this would be an easy add and hold to get your cost under $6. A 300% gain because stock is about to breach $25 in the coming weeks.

Insider Smart

Edesa Biotech, Inc. (EDSA) - President and CEO bought shares of EDSA in late May around $3, two weeks after their purchase, the stock jump to $9, very well timed buy.