Why insider trading matters?

Numerous studies have examined whether there is evidence that U.S. insiders systematically trade on private information despite the legal deterrence. The consensus appears to be that insider purchases (but not sales) tend to be followed by positive abnormal stock price performance, particularly for small growth stocks.

- Prof. B. Espen Eckbo, Dartmouth College
Signify Health, Inc. (SGFY)

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2021-02-16 Armbrester Bradford Kyle Chief Executive Officer Buy 13,900 $24.00 $333,600 Yes
2021-02-16 Senneff Steve Pres., Chief Fin. & Admin Off. Buy 13,900 $24.00 $333,600 Yes
2021-02-16 Rothman Marc D Chief Medical Officer Buy 1,000 $24.00 $24,000 Yes
2021-02-16 Riefberg Vivian E. Director Buy 13,900 $24.00 $333,600 Yes
2021-02-16 Pierre David Chief Operating Officer Buy 13,200 $24.00 $316,800 Yes
2021-02-16 McAnaney Adam General Counsel and Secretary Buy 13,900 $24.00 $333,600 Yes
2021-02-16 ORTON LAURENCE MICHAEL Chief Accounting Officer Buy 5,200 $24.00 $124,800 Yes
2021-02-16 Hull Brandon H Director Buy 13,900 $24.00 $333,600 Yes

Insider Smart

CEDAR FAIR L.P. (FUN) - Another crash victim, Cedar Fair L.P. took a deep dive from $54 to $13, insiders were confidence and eagerly jumped in around $27. With insiders on your side, this would be an easy add and hold to get your cost under $20. Stock is about to breach $40 in the coming weeks.

Insider Smart

Enphase Energy, Inc (ENPH) - ENPH was $10+ in 15Q1 then dropped to $2 and eventually went under $1. From 15Q4 to 17Q4 it built a 2-year-long base then BOOM! Stock went as high as $70 and likely will make a new high. Catch one or two moves like this you can retire early. One hint before the big move was that CEO and CFO were constantly accumulating, this kind of information is priceless.