Why insider trading matters?

Numerous studies have examined whether there is evidence that U.S. insiders systematically trade on private information despite the legal deterrence. The consensus appears to be that insider purchases (but not sales) tend to be followed by positive abnormal stock price performance, particularly for small growth stocks.

- Prof. B. Espen Eckbo, Dartmouth College
Sector: Technology; Industry: Software—Application

PDF Solutions, Inc. provides proprietary software and intellectual property products for integrated circuit (IC) designs, electrical measurement hardware tools, methodologies, and professional services in the United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and internationally. The company also provides DFI Systems, such as DFI on-chip instruments, and eProbe non-contactless E-beam tool; and Characterization Vehicle (CV) infrastructure, which includes CV test chips and pdFasTest electrical testers.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2017-08-18 LANZA LUCIO Director Sell 60,000 $15.00 $900,156 No
2017-06-09 LANZA LUCIO Director Sell 45,000 $17.57 $790,592 Yes
2017-05-25 LANZA LUCIO Director Sell 30,000 $16.50 $495,096 Yes
2017-05-18 LANZA LUCIO Director Sell 15,000 $16.61 $249,174 Yes
2016-11-08 LANZA LUCIO Director Sell 14,000 $19.89 $278,495 Yes
2014-05-13 LANZA LUCIO Director Sell 32,000 $19.00 $608,138 Yes
2012-02-22 LANZA LUCIO Director Buy 8,000 $6.50 $51,960 No
2011-12-14 LANZA LUCIO Director Buy 8,500 $6.25 $53,112 No
2011-12-08 LANZA LUCIO Director Buy 20,218 $6.21 $125,548 No
2011-11-29 LANZA LUCIO Director Buy 6,000 $6.10 $36,600 No
2011-11-21 LANZA LUCIO Director Buy 18,000 $6.01 $108,180 No
2011-11-15 LANZA LUCIO Director Buy 6,000 $5.86 $35,176 No

Insider Smart

PENN NATIONAL GAMING INC (PENN) - PENN took a deep dive from $36 to $5 due to the crash, anyone who was bold enough to pick up some shares in March or April could have made a 900% profit in 2 months. But bottom fishing is always easier said than done, if one took a safer bet and followed multiple insider buying around $18, a 100% profit is still impressive.