Why insider trading matters?

When insiders buy shares on the open market, this can thus be regarded as a strong endorsement by those that know the company the best -- they are literally betting their own money on the company's future. Insider selling, however, is not necessarily meaningful in any way, as there is a range of reasons for insiders to liquidate (some) of the shares they own.

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Oncorus, Inc. (ONCR)

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2020-10-06 MPM SunStates Fund, L.P. 10%-Owner Buy 173,776 $15.00 $2,606,640 Yes
2020-10-06 MPM BioVentures 2014, L.P. 10%-Owner Buy 173,776 $15.00 $2,606,640 Yes
2020-10-06 GADICKE ANSBERT 10%-Owner Buy 325,000 $15.00 $4,875,000 Yes
2020-10-06 EVNIN LUKE 10%-Owner, Director Buy 151,225 $15.00 $2,268,375 Yes
2020-10-06 UBS Oncology Impact Fund L.P. 10%-Owner Buy 151,224 $15.00 $2,268,360 Yes
2020-10-06 Flynn James E *Possible Member of 10% Group Buy 1,000,000 $15.00 $15,000,000 Yes

Insider Smart

Carvana Co (CVNA) - One of the best timed insider buying in the crash is from GARCIA ERNEST C. II 10%-owner of CVNA. Bought at 45 and now with a 100%+ profit.

Insider Smart

CARNIVAL CORP (CCL) - Cruislines $CCL $NCLH $RCL took a huge beat due to the pandemic, concerns of bankruptcy were raised. Among the three dominating companies in the industry, $CCL is the first one bought by insiders, such a bold move would definitely boost investor confidence.