Why insider trading matters?

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Open Lending Corp (LPRO)

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2020-12-14 Greenberg Blair J. 10%-Owner, Director Sell 4,835,747 $26.88 $129,984,879 No
2020-12-14 Yoon Gene 10%-Owner, Director Sell 4,835,747 $26.88 $129,984,879 No
2020-12-14 Flynn John Joseph Director Sell 460,061 $26.88 $12,366,440 No
2020-12-14 Bregal Sagemount I, L.P. 10%-Owner Sell 5,442,047 $26.88 $146,282,223 No
2020-12-14 Jessup Ross M. Director Sell 524,006 $26.88 $14,085,281 No
2020-12-14 Nebula Holdings LLC 10%-Owner Sell 4,413,671 $26.88 $118,639,476 No

Insider Smart

Mohawk Group Holdings, Inc. (MWK) - Multiple insiders bought MWK in June around $5, stock moved sideways for a month then made a 60% jump in 10 days. Patience is the key.

Insider Smart

PENN NATIONAL GAMING INC (PENN) - PENN took a deep dive from $36 to $5 due to the crash, anyone who was bold enough to pick up some shares in March or April could have made a 900% profit in 2 months. But bottom fishing is always easier said than done, if one took a safer bet and followed multiple insider buying around $18, a 100% profit is still impressive.