Why insider trading matters?

If management teams do not own any relevant stakes in the companies they guide, they may not be focused on creating wealth for shareholders to the same degree, compared to those that see their personal wealth increase when share prices rise.

- Klaus Gugler, Economist
Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportunity Fund (JRO)
Sector: Financial Services; Industry: Asset Management

Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportunity Fund is a closed-ended fixed income mutual fund launched by Nuveen Investments, Inc. The fund is co-managed by Nuveen Fund Advisors LLC and Symphony Asset Management LLC. It invests in fixed income markets of the United States. It benchmarks the performance of its portfolio against the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index and CSFB Leveraged Loan Index.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2017-04-06 EVANS JACK other Buy 4,225 $11.73 $49,559 No
2015-12-17 EVANS JACK other Sell 3,000 $9.52 $28,560 No
2013-12-30 EVANS JACK other Buy 3,000 $12.06 $36,180 No

Insider Smart

CEDAR FAIR L.P. (FUN) - Another crash victim, Cedar Fair L.P. took a deep dive from $54 to $13, insiders were confidence and eagerly jumped in around $27. With insiders on your side, this would be an easy add and hold to get your cost under $20. Stock is about to breach $40 in the coming weeks.