Why insider trading matters?

Numerous studies have examined whether there is evidence that U.S. insiders systematically trade on private information despite the legal deterrence. The consensus appears to be that insider purchases (but not sales) tend to be followed by positive abnormal stock price performance, particularly for small growth stocks.

- Prof. B. Espen Eckbo, Dartmouth College
Sector: Financial Services; Industry: Asset Management

Nuveen Floating Rate Income Fund is a close ended fixed income mutual fund launched by Nuveen Investments, Inc. It is co-managed by Nuveen Fund Advisors LLC and Symphony Asset Management LLC. The fund invests in fixed income markets of the United States.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2018-11-27 SCHNEIDER WILLIAM J other Sell 35,775 $9.64 $344,878 No
2018-01-22 SCHNEIDER WILLIAM J other Buy 35,775 $11.18 $400,133 No
2011-10-20 SCHNEIDER WILLIAM J other Sell 25,300 $10.27 $259,831 No
2010-05-04 SCHNEIDER WILLIAM J other Buy 25,300 $11.90 $301,070 No
2005-11-21 SCHNEIDER WILLIAM J Trustee Sell 4,930 $12.35 $60,886 No
2005-02-18 SCHNEIDER WILLIAM J Trustee Buy 3,930 $14.24 $55,981 No
2004-03-26 SCHNEIDER WILLIAM J Trustee Buy 1,000 $15.05 $15,050 No

Insider Smart

Liberty Media Corp (LSXMA) - BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC, Buffett made a move and add 2M shares to their position. What a news after dumping Airlines.