Why insider trading matters?

If management teams do not own any relevant stakes in the companies they guide, they may not be focused on creating wealth for shareholders to the same degree, compared to those that see their personal wealth increase when share prices rise.

- Klaus Gugler, Economist
Sector: Technology; Industry: Software—Application

Ideanomics, Inc. focuses on monetizing the adoption of commercial electric vehicles, associated energy consumption, and developing financial services and Fintech products. Its Mobile Energy Global division provides financial services and incentives for commercial fleet operators, including group purchasing discounts and battery buy-back programs. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in New York, New York with office in Beijing, China.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2022-01-12 Poor Alfred Chief Executive Officer Buy 62,975 $1.19 $75,000 No
2021-09-24 MCMAHON SHANE Executive Chairman Sell 500,000 $2.06 $1,030,000 Yes
2015-06-12 Wong Arthur Lap Tat Director Buy 7,298 $2.32 $16,931 No
2014-05-22 MCMAHON SHANE Chairman (prin. exec. officer) Buy 24,600 $2.19 $53,859 No
2012-12-19 MCMAHON SHANE Chief Executive Officer Buy 166,667 $1.50 $250,000 No
2012-12-19 MCMAHON SHANE Chief Executive Officer Buy 166,667 $1.50 $250,000 No
2008-01-11 NG CLIVE Chairman and Director Sell 7,017,814 $0.01 $70,178 No
2007-07-12 NG CLIVE Chairman of the Board, Pres. Sell 471,552 $1.05 $495,130 No
2004-02-20 DONSBACH KURT W Consultant Buy 2,100,000 $0.00 $6,300 No
2004-02-20 DONSBACH MARILYN Consultant Buy 2,100,000 $0.00 $6,300 No
2004-02-20 PAULSEN LOUIS J President Buy 900,000 $0.00 $2,700 No

Insider Smart

Mohawk Group Holdings, Inc. (MWK) - Multiple insiders bought MWK in June around $5, stock moved sideways for a month then made a 60% jump in 10 days. Patience is the key.