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Finwise Bancorp (FINW)

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2021-11-19 Noone James CCO AND EXECUTIVE VP Buy 15,000 $10.50 $157,500 No
2021-11-19 Tilis David CSO AND SENIOR VP Buy 10,000 $10.50 $105,000 No
2021-11-19 Healey Russell Fred Jr Director Buy 10,000 $10.50 $105,000 No
2021-11-19 Giordano James N Director Buy 10,000 $10.50 $105,000 No
2021-11-19 Reynolds Howard I Director Buy 8,000 $10.50 $84,000 No
2021-11-19 Hutchings Jeana Director Buy 5,000 $10.50 $52,500 No
2021-11-19 OBrien Michael Christopher nan Buy 2,500 $10.50 $26,250 No
2021-11-19 Cunningham Gerald Edwin Director Buy 5,000 $10.50 $52,500 No
2021-11-19 Gibson Thomas Elmer Jr Director Buy 1,000 $10.50 $10,500 No
2021-11-19 Landvatter Kent PRESIDENT AND CEO Buy 10,000 $10.50 $105,000 No

Insider Smart

ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES (RCL) - Thompson Donald, Director of RCL feels safe and made a move. The only insiders bought RCL post crash.

Insider Smart

Liberty Media Corp (LSXMA) - BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC, Buffett made a move and add 2M shares to their position. What a news after dumping Airlines.