Why insider trading matters?

When insiders buy shares on the open market, this can thus be regarded as a strong endorsement by those that know the company the best -- they are literally betting their own money on the company's future. Insider selling, however, is not necessarily meaningful in any way, as there is a range of reasons for insiders to liquidate (some) of the shares they own.

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Sector: Healthcare; Industry: Biotechnology

Eyenovia, Inc., a clinical stage ophthalmic biopharmaceutical company, engages in developing a pipeline of microdose therapeutics utilizing its patented piezo-print delivery technology, branded the Optejet. The company, through its proprietary delivery technology, is developing smart ophthalmic therapies while targeting new indications for which there are currently no drug therapies approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Eyenovia, Inc. was founded in 2014 and is based in New York, New York.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2020-10-12 Grant Stuart M. 10%-Owner Buy 100,000 $3.55 $355,000 No
2020-09-24 Grant Stuart M. 10%-Owner Buy 75,000 $2.99 $224,500 No
2020-08-20 Grant Stuart M. 10%-Owner Buy 784,620 $2.71 $2,128,234 Yes
2020-03-24 Ianchulev Tsontcho Chief Executive Officer Buy 82,431 $2.27 $187,118 Yes
2020-03-24 MARIO ERNEST Director Buy 82,431 $2.27 $187,118 Yes
2020-03-23 Grant Stuart M. 10%-Owner Buy 903,240 $2.06 $1,858,868 Yes
2019-09-30 Rowe Michael M Vice President, Commercial Buy 100 $3.84 $384 No
2019-11-13 Grant Stuart M. 10%-Owner Buy 131,017 $3.03 $397,172 No
2019-07-11 MARIO ERNEST Director Buy 35,971 $2.78 $99,999 No
2019-07-11 LaBelle Curt H Director Buy 17,985 $2.78 $49,998 No
2019-07-11 Ianchulev Tsontcho Chief Executive Officer Buy 233,813 $2.78 $650,000 No
2018-01-29 MARIO ERNEST Director Buy 90,000 $10.00 $900,000 No
2018-09-25 Rowe Michael M Vice President of Marketing Buy 800 $4.22 $3,380 No
2018-09-19 MATHER CHARLES E IV Director Buy 4,000 $4.79 $19,140 No
2018-06-28 GANDOLFO JOHN P Chief Financial Officer Buy 2,000 $5.86 $11,720 No
2018-06-28 Ianchulev Tsontcho Chief Executive Officer Buy 6,000 $6.63 $39,780 No
2018-01-29 Yoshida Shuhei 10%-Owner, Director Buy 100,000 $10.00 $1,000,000 No
2018-01-29 Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 10%-Owner Buy 100,000 $10.00 $1,000,000 No
2018-01-29 LaBelle Curt H 10%-Owner, Director Buy 10,000 $10.00 $100,000 No
2018-01-29 Ianchulev Tsontcho Chief Executive Officer Buy 10,000 $10.00 $100,000 No
2018-01-29 ESHELMAN FREDRIC N 10%-Owner, Director Buy 335,000 $10.00 $3,350,000 No

Insider Smart

SIMON PROPERTY GROUP (SPG) - Bottom fishing the crash could be intimidating, but it can be easier if you know insiders are on your side. Aeppel Glyn, Director of SPG played safe and bought shares in May at $50, but it is not late at all, the stock is now $90.

Insider Smart

PROSPECT CAPITAL CORP (PSEC) - PSEC is the 2nd most bought stock of the past 90 days by insiders, CEO seems very confident about the company.