Why insider trading matters?

Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise.

- Peter Lynch
Element Solutions Inc (ESI)
Sector: Basic Materials; Industry: Specialty Chemicals

Element Solutions Inc produces and sells specialty chemical products the United States, China, and internationally. This segment primarily serves mobile communications, computers, automobiles, and aerospace equipment industries. This segment's products include electroless nickel products, plating products, pre-treatment and cleaning solutions, functional conversion coatings, hard-coated films, and water treatment products; solid sheet printing elements and liquid imaging products; and offshore fluids. The company was formerly known as Platform Specialty Products Corporation and changed its name to Element Solutions Inc in January 2019. Element Solutions Inc was founded in 1922 and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2015-08-18 Gliklich Benjamin VP Corporate Dev, Finance & IR Buy 4,760 $20.80 $99,008 No
2015-05-05 LEEVER DANIEL H CEO Sell 369,620 $27.10 $10,015,310 No
2014-12-17 FRANKLIN MARTIN E Director Buy 250,000 $21.21 $5,303,500 No
2014-11-24 Stanhope Investments 10%-Owner Sell 3,010,732 $25.40 $76,479,923 No
2014-11-21 Stanhope Investments 10%-Owner Sell 351,193 $26.02 $9,136,293 No
2014-11-20 ONEAL E STANLEY Director Buy 30,000 $25.96 $778,777 No
2014-11-19 Stanhope Investments 10%-Owner Sell 205,954 $26.06 $5,367,882 No
2014-11-19 ONEAL E STANLEY Director Buy 47,601 $26.02 $1,238,546 No
2014-05-01 Stanhope Investments 10%-Owner Buy 120,437 $19.47 $2,344,932 No
2014-04-30 Stanhope Investments 10%-Owner Buy 144,105 $19.50 $2,809,817 No
2014-04-22 Stanhope Investments 10%-Owner Sell 2,000,000 $20.50 $41,000,000 No
2014-03-13 Stanhope Investments 10%-Owner Sell 1,900 $21.00 $39,900 No
2014-03-11 Stanhope Investments 10%-Owner Sell 95,176 $21.37 $2,034,168 No
2014-03-10 Stanhope Investments 10%-Owner Sell 238,557 $21.61 $5,155,646 No
2014-03-05 Standhope Investments 10%-Owner Sell 4,806,288 $16.58 $79,694,115 No

Insider Smart

Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. (CLDX) - Multiple insiders including President, EVP, CEO, CSO and Directors bought shares on Jun.9th, first time since 2018, this was very convincing and we initiated a position. Stock soared from $3 to 9$ in 2 days, and the run is still going on.

Insider Smart

Mohawk Group Holdings, Inc. (MWK) - Multiple insiders bought MWK in June around $5, stock moved sideways for a month then made a 60% jump in 10 days. Patience is the key.