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Sector: Communication Services; Industry: Advertising Agencies

CMG Holdings Group, Inc., a marketing communications company, engages in the operation of organizations in the alternative advertising, digital media, experiential and interactive marketing, and entertainment sectors. In addition, the company provides marketing services, including interactive event strategy and planning, creative development, and nontraditional out of home marketing. CMG Holdings Group, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2020-10-12 LAKEN GLENN B CEO Buy 130,000 $0.01 $1,581 No
2020-09-11 LAKEN GLENN B CEO Buy 150,000 $0.01 $2,205 No
2020-09-04 LAKEN GLENN B CEO Buy 40,000 $0.02 $760 No
2020-09-03 LAKEN GLENN B CEO Buy 60,000 $0.02 $1,002 No
2020-08-12 LAKEN GLENN B CEO Buy 224,056 $0.01 $1,262 No
2020-07-17 LAKEN GLENN B CEO Buy 758,800 $0.00 $3,450 No
2014-12-03 LAKEN GLENN B Chief Executive Officer Buy 400,000 $0.01 $5,494 No
2014-07-22 LAKEN GLENN B Chief Executive Officer Buy 60,000 $0.02 $1,145 No
2014-05-22 Kovacs David J Director Buy 1,000,000 $0.02 $20,805 No

Insider Smart

VBI Vaccines Inc (VBIV) - Since 10%-owner Perceptive Advisor LCC increased their holding in April, the stock have double the price. Impressive!

Insider Smart

Carvana Co (CVNA) - One of the best timed insider buying in the crash is from GARCIA ERNEST C. II 10%-owner of CVNA. Bought at 45 and now with a 100%+ profit.