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Trade Date Insider Title Buy/Sell #Shares Price Value Option
2022-06-15 Gottlieb Gary L. Director Sell 12,748 $19.02 $242,454 Yes
2022-06-14 Gottlieb Gary L. Director Sell 23,512 $18.59 $437,193 Yes
2021-11-12 Gottlieb Gary L. Director Sell 10,000 $24.84 $248,438 No

Insider Smart

Liberty Media Corp (LSXMA) - BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC, Buffett made a move and add 2M shares to their position. What a news after dumping Airlines.

Insider Smart

Delta Airlines (DAL) - From an insider's perspective: airlines are the first ones to go under due to the pandemic. A lot of concerns were raised on possible bankruptcy especially amid by the dump from Buffett. However, insiders of Delta were bold enough to buy when Buffett was fear. And Delta is the only airline bought by insiders post-Buffett-dump.